Our Story

At Light of the Lotus, we believe a fit life is a healthy life & that WELLNESS IS LIFE!

We want you to synergise fitness, spirituality, nature & delicious & nutritious food, to NOURISH YOUR SOUL.

Our goal is to inspire you to EMBRACE THE LIGHT & live your purest, healthiest & most organic life, yet!


Why Light of the Lotus?

The idea was born in Sydney in 2019 (pre-pandemic times) by myself, J, a thirty something apothecary by day & a soul-warming, laughter loving, living life to the fullest spirit, by night.

The lotus flower is the epitome of purity, self-regeneration & rebirth; enlightenment ...& triumph over obstacles...it flourishes despite all that it encounters along its journey.

Light is the life force/energy/soul that exists within us & the universe...hence Light of the Lotus was born...bringing light & love to you, to allow you to thrive despite all that life throws your way!Β 

I wanted to create a space where people could come together to find a well-balanced yet fun approach to holistic living, in the form of staying fit & eating healthy, whilst also nurturing mindfulness & spirituality. A place where they could find the equilibrium they yearned for.

My ultimate goal is to create a platform where our community can come together to share recipes, ideas, fitness tips/goals & to give & get inspiration, in order to live mindfully & most importantly, be able to support others to do so, as well.Β 

So, let's all give this a try & strive toΒ EMBRACE THE LIGHT in order to live a well-balanced, holistic life...get out there & LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE & let's make this world a better place, for all!