🧘🏽Embracing Yoga - the ultimate venture in 2020! 🧘🏾

🧘🏽Embracing Yoga - the ultimate venture in 2020! 🧘🏾

🧘🏽Embracing Yoga - the ultimate venture in 2020! 🧘🏾


Many people have the belief that you need to be fit, healthy & most importantly highly flexible to take part in any form of yoga practice. You see people (in mostly figure hugging clothing) carrying around colourful mats, doing crazy handstands & strange “poses” on them...thinking how weird they are! Well I’m here to let you know that a lot of things in life are “weird” but yoga is definitely not one of them!

Yoga epitomises peace, acceptance & self love/care, whilst undertaking postures/asanas that concurrently strengthen your body. You do not need to be super fit, super healthy or a monk to harness its immense benefits.


Some benefits of Yoga include:

  • increasing your flexibility

  • increasing muscle tone & strength

  • improving your circulatory & cardiovascular health

  • improving your sleep

  • increasing your energy levels

  • improving athletic performance

  • reducing injuries

  • detoxifying your organs

  • improving your posture

  • improving anxiety & depression

  • helping with chronic pain

  • releasing endorphins that improve your mood


While they are many different forms/styles of yoga, you can find the one that strikes the right balance for you. 


Perhaps the most widely known style of yoga is Bikram yoga, which aims to harness the energy of high temperatures & humidity, whilst undertaking twenty six postures & two breathing exercises (in ninety minutes), to ensure optimal results. You face mirrors, in order to ensure proper alignment & posture. This form does not utilise music.


Other styles include Ashtanga yoga (meaning eight limbs & which embraces the yogic lifestyle). This style synchronises breath with movement as you move through a series of postures which are performed in exactly the same sequence each time. It is usually performed without music & without verbal instruction.


Vinyasa/flow yoga (meaning linking breath with movement) occurs with postures that are done in a flowing sequence. It is said to be a moving meditation (which can be performed with closed eyes) & encompasses pleasant music.


Iyengar yoga, where the emphasis is on alignment in the postures, employs breath control. This is achieved through pranayama (breath regulation using specific techniques/exercises) plus the use of props (such as blocks, bolsters, blankets & straps). It is done without music & at a slower pace, to allow you to penetrate into postures much deeper. 


Jivamukti yoga translates to liberated being & incorporates Sanskrit chanting, pranayama & movement (postures) with a specific lesson for each class. It is a great mix of spiritual & physical exercise. 


Power yoga harnesses the benefits of traditional Ashtanga yoga at a quicker pace, with more core exercises & upper body work. Upbeat music is played during class & the sequences of postures vary from class to class. Vinyasa yoga can also employ this method. 


Sivananda yoga is based on five yogic principles which work together to ensure an optimal/healthy yogic lifestyle. These include employing proper breathing, relaxation, diet, exercise & positive thinking. This practice does not utilise music & consists of twelve basic postures.


Yin/Taoist yoga is a meditative style that allows your body to become comfortable in a pose without doing any work. It focuses on lengthening connective tissue within the body & is designed to be done alongside muscle-forming yoga practices. Here, muscles are allowed to relax with gravity & rest. There is little/no music in class & props are used, greatly. 


There are numerous other styles/variations of yoga practices (each one unique & uplifting in its own special way) but the important thing to remember is that once you find a style/studio that works for you, stick with it. Your dedication & consistency will provide a level of satisfaction that you would never have thought possible. Not only will yoga bring peace to your life, self love & most importantly happiness, it becomes your way of life & you could not imagine life without it!


Remember, different styles of yoga may be what you need at different times in your life. You may choose to do one style or multiple styles at the same time, there is no right/wrong way to practice...just listen to your mind, body & soul & nourish it the way it is telling you to. Above all, remember to embrace your yoga practice with love, humility & grace.


So why not let go of any expectations you may have...try a class today with an open mind & you might just surprise yourself!





PS - if you’re looking for a great yoga studio in the Hills area of Sydney, why not try a class with Monica at Oxygen Yoga...she is amazing! @oxygenyoga

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