❤️✨ Going beyond crisis & seeking peace from within! ✨❤️

❤️✨ Going beyond crisis & seeking peace from within! ✨❤️

❤️✨ Going beyond crisis & seeking peace from within! ✨❤️


During the stressful times we have been faced with recently, we need to be able to start looking inward for not only calm but also inner peace, to ensure not only happiness but also survival.


2020 has definitely been a year for the record books. Bringing a lot of up rest, loss of life & emotional turmoil. Some have wondered whether the pandemic we are facing was part of God’s plan to cleanse the earth & restore nature back to it’s original purity, is this the case?


With all the craziness we have been facing though, this time of working from home has allowed a lot of us to rest, renew and gain new perspective on what is truly  important to all of us, at our core. 


In every situation there is always a silver lining though, luckily. We have seen families get much closer than they have ever been before (in such a short space of time), due to intense bonding in close quarters, under quarantine restrictions. We have seen immense acts of kindness & care from neighbours, family friends & strangers, to the elderly & those less fortunate...so has this been something that would not have even eventuated, had this crazy pandemic not occurred?!! Everyone seems to be looking out for each other, in a way that we are loving & that we pray continues long into the future. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


Others have the chance to renovate/remodel around the house, keeping home hardware stores in full swing...so not all bad has emerged from this unfortunate crisis. We have heard stories of people finally getting to projects that they have put off for more than 10 years!!! 


We can’t go past the intense dedication & service our food delivery, teachers & healthcare frontline workers have endured & for this we not only salute you but appreciate you, wholeheartedly. Thank you for all that you have done in the face of great adversity to ensure that we are well fed, healthy and educated. 👼🏽


Whatever way this time of change has altered your life’s course...we pray that you will be able to get through it & shine even brighter on the other side. With great struggle/sacrifice comes great reward. Let’s all continue to help each other where we can & ensure we continue to grow our world into a more peaceful, calmer & happier place! 💕


Wishing you all much love, light & happiness!





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